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We are an international educational institution duly registered in Barcelona, Spain. We offer Diploma and Degree courses in partnership with different educational institutions in Europe and Asia. We bring our courses wherever our learners are and we work with them based on their learning curves and work phase.

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First Batch of ISASS Paris Graduates

FEBRUARY 15, 2020 – After 10 months of intensive studies, ISASS Learners in Paris had their graduation ceremony at the Mairie (Paris City Hall) of


You can now earn your European Diploma in International Service Management through our ONLINE portal. Use our Inquiry Form for complete information.

60% Online
40% Face to Face

Our blended learning approach enables the learners to work at their own phase as well as be part of an international community through real-life interactions. Our blended approach to education directly translates to the delivery of classes 60% online and 40% face-to-face. This means that every 4-6 weeks, a Professor will come to where the learners are to process the information previously sent and discussed online. An educator monitors the online learning progress per student making our approach highly personalized. ISASS is guided by the philosophy of bringing education to the learner when it is impossible for the learner to attend traditional school.

We empower our learners to create sound solutions

Our curriculum is problem-based and we offer blended learning strategy. Our main objective is to identify and address current or projected problems in the community where our learners are located. We empower our learners to create sound solutions addressing those concerns. In the process, we are enhancing their critical thinking skills, strengthen their self –confidence and develop team work. We also ask our learners what they want to improve in their lives or in their profession. By knowing this, we align our curriculum and course delivery to the practical needs of our learners.


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