Empowering Visionaries
Empowering Visionaries
We are bringing our courses wherever our learners are and work with them based on their learning curves and work phase. We are currently offering European Diploma and International MBA Degree courses for 2020 - 2021.
We Create Leaders
We Create Leaders
Through our innovative and modern approach to education, ISASS aims to be the “go to” learning institution for lifelong learners at any stage in their educational journey.
Open to All learners
Open to all Learners
ISASS is open to all learners all over the world. We welcome all types of learners without any reservations against age, race, educational background or current stage in their career.

European Diploma Courses

6 months intensive online program using the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. 100% online with live faculty-facilitated discussions and lectures.

MBA Degree Programs

1 full year of online program with the option to study in Barcelona for 10 weeks in an intensive, face-to-face learning environment.

Certified Quality Education in Partnership with the World's Best

Swiss School of Management
UNIES Business School
Switzerland, Germany, Poland
Tashkent International University of Education
Universidade Federal do Tocantins
We empower our learners to create sound solutions.
Our strategy aims to increase the critical thinking and creative skills, motivate the learners to be self-sufficient and self-reliant and apply new knowledge to real life scenarios.
ISASS helped me narrow down the things I need to know. The lectures and modules taught me the step by step process of knowing the environment, mastering communication, create a business plan, do the numbers, legally register and operate and most importantly put premium value on people.
Ms. Gomez Keziah Mai Gomez
Milan, Italy
I am now more confident because of the lessons I learned from ISASS. Now I know that I can help others too to become more socially and culturally involved, inspire them to pursue their dreams.
Ms. Zita Cabias Obra
Paris, France
Blended Learning
Blended Learning Approach
We combine two learning strategies – the flexibility of an online degree with the rewards of face-to-face interaction, either via live online lectures or physical presence.
or 100% Online Study
Through our online student portal, ISASS enables learners all over the world to continue their academic journey despite busy career or pandemic on their own pace, with their own time.