ISASS is open to all learners in Europe and Asia regardless of age, gender, educational attainment, racial and religious background


Submit your Application Form

The Application Form is downloadable below. Learners should be at least 18 years old at the time of registration. 17 years old may be allowed to register in special cases and will be assigned with an academic mentor.


Pay the Registration Fee

Know your best payment arrangements and financial obligations.


Undergo Learner Orientation

You will be provided with full info about ISASS and how you can finish your diploma with flying colors. A learner e-handbook will also be provided to serve as guide throughout the course. Students are required to submit back a signed copy on all pages, GDPR guidelines included.

ISASS carefully reviews each and every application in order to ensure smooth and optimal learning experience for its students. Please ensure to meeting all the requirements prior to filling up the Course Registration Form.

  • The learner must complete and submit the Application Form.
  • The learner will pay the Registration Fee and be made fully aware of his or her financial obligations to ISASS. Special payment arrangement is allowed with scheduled payment due dates. Please ask for the current Course Brochure for more information.
  • The learner will be provided with the full information including the full curriculum of his or her course, syllabus, have access to the online platform.
  • The learner will given a copy of the e-handbook and will sign all the pages which includes all the Rules and Regulations of the school including use of personal photos and GDPR guidelines.

Online Payment

For more convenience, ISASS now implements online payment system through our bank partner. Select your Diploma course below to access the payment gateway.