ISASS is currently offering degree and diploma courses for the academic year 2020 - 2021
in partnership with UNIES (United Institutes for International and European Studies)
and SSM (Swiss School of Management)

European Diploma Courses

Our European Diploma, in cooperation with the United Institutes for International and European Studies, Business School of CH – Warsaw Management University (WMU), Poland, was founded to promote and to deliver WMU´s programmes of studies at offshore-campus and training centres in Asia, Africa and Europe. This is a 6 month, intensive online program using the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. It is held 100% online with 40% of the time including online, live faculty facilitated discussions and lectures.

MBA Degree Programs

Our International MBA Degree, in cooperation with the Swiss School of Management, an accredited private institute of higher education founded in the last century in Switzerland. This is a 1 year, online program with the option of studying in Barcelona for 10 weeks in an intensive, face-to-face learning environment.