Academic Partners

UNIES Business School

ISASS is a partner of UNIES School of Business [University Institute for European and International Studies (UNIES) Germany-Poland-Switzerland]. UNIES School of Business awards the Diploma and Degree with ECTS points.

Swiss School of Management

The Swiss School of Management (SSM) is an private institute of higher education based in Italy and Switzerland, associated to Groupe INSEEC. SSM is located in Campo di Fiori on the University of Washington’s campus in Rome’s historic city center.The Swiss School of Management has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) and runs undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study.

Barcelona Center for Applied Sciences

Barcelona Center for Applied Social Sciences (BCAS) offers alternative education to migrant communities specifically those who are vulnerable and marginalized. Located and duly registered in Barcelona Spain, BCAS is proud of the number of their graduates and is now currently offering Diploma in Service Management, Diploma in International Business Management and Diploma in International Studies. BCAS is successful because of the strong support from all stakeholders.

Partner Institutions

ISASS aims to provide platform for non-tradional students to hone their talent and showcase their skills.  Through our innovative and bold approach to education, ISASS aims to be the “go to” learning institution for lifelong learners.  ISASS aspires to be the premier international school that inspire visionaries and prepare future leaders in their feilds who will shape our world for a better tomorrow.